Peace, Love, & Compassion

Tribe Aeon wants to raise the frequency of the vibration of the earth.  One moment at a time, by focusing on love and peace.   Fluid99 is the exclusive shop that handles the Tribe Aeon Collection 

gender fluid

Non Binary

Gender Fluid is a state of mind, and a way some individuals thrive.  Fluid99 is the exclusive shop that handles the Gender Fluid Collection.


Nature Unleashed.


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Shapeways is our chosen partner for the high end version of all our designs.  Order from our shapeways shop for a smooth and easy experience. Visit our shop today to see current pricing…

About Robin Leah OShell (Alex Steele)

OShell owns a software company for her day job – and still loves the process of design. All kinds.  Jewelry design was the natural evolution of her thirst for the creation of something new.

Other Projects 

Personal Website

Personal Web Page of Robin L O’Shell

Principles of Visual Communication

Non fiction book written by R. Leah OShell

Aeon Media LLC

Company founded by R. Leah OShell

About Fluid99

Fluid 99 is a collection of jewelry created by R. Leah OShell (aka Alex Steele).  Each piece is created after the order is placed.  We’ve got 3 collections at the moment – Tribe Aeon, Gender Fluid and Elemental. 

Thank you for taking a look – this website is a showcase – we used to handle all the e-commerce here but since we’ve partnered with Shapeways we find it’s easier for customers to place orders via our Shapeways shop for a seamless experience.  Thank you for looking around the site and we hope your day is filled with peace and joy.

Robin L. O’Shell


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