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About Alex Steele

Alex owns a software company for her day job – and still loves the process of design. All kinds.  Jewelry design was the natural evolution of her thirst for the creation of something new.

About Fluid99

Fluid 99 is a collection of jewelry created by R. Leah OShell (aka Alex Steele).  Each piece is created after the order is placed.  Thank you for taking a look – this website is a showcase – we used to handle all the e-commerce here but since we’ve partnered with Shapeways we find it’s easier for customers to place orders via our Shapeways shop for a seamless experience.  Thank you for looking around the site and we hope your day is filled with peace and joy.  We’ve got 3 collections at the moment – Tribe Aeon, Gender Fluid and Elemental.

Alex Steele



Peace, Love, & Compassion

Tribe Aeon wants to raise the frequency of the vibration of the earth.  One moment at a time, by focusing on love and peace.   Fluid99 is the exclusive shop that handles the Tribe Aeon Collection 

gender fluid

Non Binary

Gender Fluid is a state of mind, and a way some individuals thrive.  Fluid99 is the exclusive shop that handles the Gender Fluid Collection.


Nature Unleashed.

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